Golden Retrievers bred, raised and homed with care. KUSA-registered since 2006.


We import international champion semen and use artificial insemination to combine top genetics from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, continental Europe and the United Kingdom.

After years of discerning Golden Retriever selection and breeding, Bonyl's foundation dogs shine with 56 show and working dog champion awards in their 4-generation pedigrees.

Bonyl exclusively breeds with A1, A2, B1 and B2 hip gradings and does not consider anything less than a perfect 00 elbow score to be of breeding quality. All our animals are certified cataract, PRA 1, PRA 2 and PRCD clear. We do not breed Ichthyosis-affected pups. Ichthyosis is a hereditary dandruff-like condition prevalent in Golden Retrievers. A DNA test for ichthyosis is available overseas and has become standard international health screening practice. At our request a South African lab, using our samples, developed a test which is now available to all local breeders.

Golden Retrievers puppy reflection At Bonyl, we contribute to the serviceability, refinement and health of Golden Retrievers. We breed animals who are proud-making examples of the UK, USA or AU Golden Retriever breed standards.

Bonyl pups are sold as non-breeding pets with a KUSA "progeny not eligible for registration" stipulation. We believe responsible dog breeding is best left to experts. Pedigrees outlive breeders and are a living legacy and manifestation of breeder's intentions. We are proud of our Bonyl legacy.


At our level of breeding, all pups meet the breed standard temperament description: they are confident, friendly and eager to interact. They are voice trained and respond when called. In addition, pups are toilet trained, as well as crate trained and have established sleeping patterns.

Bonyl Golden Retrievers and Crabbet Arabians They are ready to meet the challenges of a journey, which may include a flight to a destination anywhere in South Africa, and to make a smooth transition to their new environment.

Bonyl Golden Retrievers and Liane We are mindful of the sensitivity and impressionability of young pups. We pace their exposure to the great outdoors (including a mountain stream), other Goldens, the vet, horses, kids and admiring adults.


Liane is an internationally qualified educator with over four decades' experience in working with groups and individuals of all ages. She is also a published academic and is currently conducting research for her PhD. Research is a way of life at Bonyl, that includes among other, all aspects of our beloved animals. This skill-set, in conjunction with a lifetime of horse and dog handling experience, ensures that pups have the very best start in life.

Bonyl Golden Retrievers and Crabbet Arabians We transfer feeding, handling and training skills in our Guidelines, which pup-parents-to-be receive in weekly chapter form, as well as during the hands-on experience of Visiting Friday. Weekend video updates of the litter’s progress and shared chapters of our Guidelines on how to raise and promote the longevity of our retrievers, soon become the highlights of the week for expectant pup parents and families.

Visiting Friday is scheduled soon after birth, to fall as closely as possible to the litter’s eighth week of age, and is a much anticipated and enjoyed event, for those who can attend. It is a full day of guided interaction with the litter and an opportunity to have any individual questions answered. Through this experience, new pup parents meet one another, learn lots and gratefully realise that they have become part of the Bonyl family, from whom advice, at any stage of the journey, is just a WhatsApp away.

Through the years we have observed that life is a continuum, that pups have destinies, and that love and relationship are indestructible. Some people are reminded of a lost, beloved companion by certain pups more than by others. Some pups pick their people; they just seem to latch onto them. Matching a pup to a parent is sometimes a delicate and intuitive process, which is made easier when both pup and parent-to-be can physically participate in the choosing process. The all-day session on Visiting Friday and the unhurried Homing Saturday, which begins before daybreak, provide time for choosing and bonding. It is humbling to witness this process, which allows every person, without exception, to leave with what they feel is the pup for them.

To ensure uninterrupted attention to care for our animals, we do not take unscheduled phone calls from unknown numbers. Should you wish to schedule a call, please follow the instructions in the Contact section. If your information and pics allow us to authenticate you and indicate a good fit for our pups, it will be the start of a conversation. We will reciprocate by enabling you to authenticate us. This personal approach, in contrast to the practice of using standardised forms, is mindful of the unique nature of every home and each applicant, as well as of the times in which we live.

Golden Retriver father and son Golden Retrievers are not for everyone. A Golden is a family member and needs human companionship. It wants to please, it wants to serve and it deserves a family that includes it in the goings on. It needs to be handled with consistency and competency. Children younger than 3 years old need to wait a little longer for their best friend's arrival.

At Bonyl, we keep a waiting list of discerning buyers who are patient and have trust in our breeder's integrity.