Golden Retrievers and Crabbet Arabians,
bred for excellence.

Bonyl (meaning “Upper Nile”) was registered by my late father, S van Wyk van der Hoven, as the name of his Arabian horse stud during the 1970s. I took the reins in 2003 and bred Golden Retrievers in addition to the Crabbet Arabians. I qualified as an international art and design teacher in the 1980s. My childhood environment and studies honed and developed my powers of discernment for a good animal.

Liane Bonyl Arabian Horses Arabian horses are the ultimate distance athletes. My sports of ultra marathon running and endurance riding of Arabian horses, have given me a more than an intellectual appreciation of the sustained, peak functioning of the animal physique.

Bonyl Golden Retrievers Pack

While Equus Arabicus (Arabian horse) is an ancient breed whose origins are lost in the mists of pre-history, the Golden Retriever breed is less than 200 years old. However, well-documented Arabian breeding practices over the centuries have revealed that breeders who aim for animals that tick all the boxes (including the desirable service temperament box) make the most enduring contribution to the breed.

Bonyl Golden Retriever puppy

Golden Retriever breeders would do well to learn from the ancient breeding book of the Arabian horse. Goldens and Arabians have much in common: good looks, service temperaments, courage and loyalty. The parallels exist even down to the split between the so-called working Retrievers (endurance Arabians), show Retrievers (in-hand show Arabians) and obedience Retrievers (show riding).

Bonyl Farm Family Breeding all-rounders has been Bonyl's unflinching, daunting and humbling breeding aim for years.

Liane van der Hoven